Loveable Lips

  • Have you ever been hypnotized by the lips of Hollywood’s leading ladies?  Admiring the luscious volume of these ladies’ lips such as Julia Roberts or the infamous lips of Angelina Jolie, makes us aspire to have the same type of loveable lips that are simply irresistible to the human eye.  So the question is how do you make women jealous and men crawl at your feet in order to get a taste of your succulent lips without injecting your lips with Botox and other harmful materials?  The answer is to learn how to correctly apply lipstick in order to get that seductive lip look.


    This post article will teach you how to define your lips, give them volume, becoming irresistible and how to close the deal.  If you are going out tonight on your first date or with your significant other, try out these loveable lip tricks to get your partner ready for the after party.


    Why Lipstick is Important

    There are many ways to trick the eye of the opposite sex when it comes to putting on lipstick.  The application of lipstick and lip gloss is truly an art form when it is applied correctly.  It is not merely spreading any color across your lips for ten seconds before you run out the door.  Applying lipstick can create a new image for your entire face and become a focal point where people are instantly drawn to your wonder lips.  There are three main areas of applying lipstick that should be covered.  These areas include how to shape your lips for the ultimate definition of your lips, how to make these defined lips plumper and finally how to give them that soft and silky irresistible look without altering the accentuation nor the fullness that you have already created.


    Defining Your Lips

    The shape of one’s lips vary from person to person.  You are the judge when it comes to needing to define the shape of your lips as some women find their lips to be pencil thin while others try to tone down the appearance of their lips.  Either way, the definition of your lips will be the first key to instant facial attraction.  The best way to achieve this loveable lip definition is by using a lip liner.  Many women find themselves in a tizzy when it comes to putting on lip liner.  Your first tip is to have patience.  With a little extra time dedicated to putting on your lip liner you will find that your art of applying lip liner will improve in just a short time.  Follow these tips from Alex Wise, a featured publisher and a dating coach of Loveawake dating site for applying lip liner to your lips:

    • Begin with applying the lip liner to your upper lip.  Start to outline the center bow of the upper lip from the center and slowly but fluidly make your way down the contour of the lip until it reaches the corner of your lip.
    • Rather then beginning in the center, in the case of the lower lip start from one corner (preferably the left corner if you are right-handed) and make your way across the lip gently by following your natural lip line until you have reached the opposite corner.

    Tune in next week for plumping up your lips and becoming irresistible.